Grandson in a school play, costume required. Have you seen the price of check shirts lately ? I couldn’t see one under £12 and some were for £24 . He doesn’t want to be a fashion plate its a school play !!. Only recourse is to make one but they want it now !! Production due to open on Friday.  I haven’t time, I have visitors this weekend.

I did have time to copy off a pattern though and cut most of it out  and then hand it over to daughter who has even less time than I do, but is free this weekend.

She joined the yoke front and back to the main shirt body and then added the collar and collar band.  Weekend over and back it came to Grandma. Sleeves need to go in and join up sleeves and side seams, Add cuffs and do buttonholes on cuffs and shirt front. Hem around the bottom.

Sew on buttons- aagh that hurt due to RSI injuries and my inability to hold such a thin item as a sewing needle, but we did it.

A combined effort, maybe not the best thing we have sewn as there was a distinct lack of seam finishing, but as I said- not a fashion plate, but it cost nothing as the material was a large check gingham that I bought years ago for £5 for 12 yards, in the days when material was much cheaper. It has seen service as a duvet cover, muslins for a kimono , covers for chairs to keep the cat hair off them ,to name just a few and I still have a few yards of it left..

I'm going to clean up this town and I have just the duster- oops shirt to do it.

I’m going to clean up this town and I have just the duster- oops shirt to do it.