My surrogate grandson is totally enamoured of Tree Fu Tom and having grown out of Fireman Sam, is due another costume.

There appears to be no costumes to observe and I have never seen the program. I had to rely on a few cartoon like images and hope for the best.

I made a belt that glows( when the magic button is pressed) by using an old shopping bag- which my machine did not take kindly to and promptly broke two needles. some felt and velcro. It has two pockets and the magic button. The costume is basically a tabard  which I have made in two parts that button together and therefore can be adjusted for growth. There appears to be some sort of wing effect at the back – he can fly afterall if his super hero role.  I made a pair of brown trousers from part of an old curtain ( not shown ) and I am in the process of making the boots .(Still thinking out how).

CBeebies Super Hero Tree Fu TOm